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Multi-Tech I.T.I Campus

Multi-Tech Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I. ) is established at Jora Phatak, Dhansar ,Dhanbad the coal city of JHARKHAND . It is born with the mission and foresightedness of the people of the society and is nurtured by the selfness and dedicated efforts of the founder of society.Multi-Tech I.T.I. is situated at Jora Phatak, Dhansar, Dhanbad a coal city of JHARKHAND. It is located in a picturesque setting about 2 KMs from Railway Station. The place is most suitable for an education Institute away from din and bustle of the main road. Multi-Tech I.T.I is approved and recognized by NCVT, DGE & T, Govt. of India & its certification is recognized all over India irrespective of Department and Government.


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Joraphatak, Dhansar, Dhanbad - Jharkhand
1st March 2008
6/34/9/2008 - TC
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